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Caz photos from web site visitors.
Updated August 3, 2004
E-mailed historic photos will be posted here

Bill Britton Sr. (left) 1911
Bill Britton Sr. (left) Future owner of the Sky Room bar.
Harry Anful (right) - 1911.

Bill Britton Sr.
Bill Britton- Sky Room 1960s

(Photos from grandson Jeff Britton)

Caz Realty bowling team

Cazadero Realty Bowling Team (1964-1968)
Ed. Mohrhardt Prop.
L-R = Manuel Damos, Virginia Finch, Dorothy "Dot" Hepler, Merlin "Hep" Hepler
(Photo from Chuck Finch)


CAZADERO 1918 (view SW)

Center left- train depot, right General store. Schneider's meat market above center
Rodgers' post office far left    (Photo from Jeff Britton)
General store was cut in half and moved to flat below meat market in 1919 (see current photo on the Home Page).

Alexander Duncan's Saw mill

Duncans' Saw Mill postcard; Postmarked August 17, 1908 from Duncans Mills, CA. (collection of Gary Rodgers )

DML&L Co railroad engine

Duncans Mills logging railroad engine "Tyrone" 1885
The Tyrone hauled logs from timber operations to the mill on the DML&L Co. rail line along Austin Creek and its spur line on Kidd Creek (Alexander Duncan in derby). Hotel El Benito at Duncans Mills in background
(collection of Gary Rodgers )

Elim Grove Hotel 1910

George Montgomery's Elim Grove Hotel 1910
(Collection of Gary Rodgers)

Elim Grove railroad bridge 1914

Elim Grove railroad bridge, 1914.
Replacement for the bridge that collasped
in the 1894 Austin Creek Train Tragedy.
See 1890 trestle photo on Caz Story 1 page.
Mohr family tents at left
(Collection of Gary Rodgers)

D.H. McEwens Logging railroad Shay engine 1906

D. H. McEwen's Shay locomotive used on his logging railroad on Creighton Ridge - 1907.
[See Q.14 on the History Q&A page]
(Photo courtesy of Julien Lee)

Cazadero Cavalcade May 16 1937

           "Cazadero Cavalcade" May 16, 1937 after railroad abandonment in 1933

Millerick building [left], Bone's community hall, Austin hotel [center], General store [right].

(Photo post card from Catherine Canelis)

Pole Mountain lookout tower

           Pole Mountain Fire Look Tower US 273

Established on Red Oat Mountain July 1, 1967 and relocated to Pole Mountain July 6, 1981.

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